Who We Are

Learn a bit about how we formed and why we exist.

Our Story

The Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL) was founded in 1916 by soldiers returning from the trenches of World War I. The aim was simple – provide a helping hand for their mates.

Since receiving it’s charter on the 1st September 1919, the Bundaberg RSL Sub Branch has been making sure help is always at hand by providing much needed support, advice and camaraderie to the men and women who have served in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), and their families.

Today, the RSL is the largest ex-service organisation in Australia with a national membership of around 200,000.


The membership is the lifeblood of the League.

But remember, joining an RSL Services Club is NOT THE SAME as joining an RSL Sub Branch. In fact, in most cases in Queensland, RSL Services Clubs operate independently of RSL Sub Branches.

Our Mission

To support and care for the serving and ex-service men and women of the Australian Defence Force and their families, and commemorate their service and sacrifice.

The Bundaberg RSL Sub Branch is committed to:

  • Providing welfare and support for the wounded, injured and ill
  • Honouring the memory of the fallen
  • Preserving the enduring spirit of mateship
  • Promoting the interests of veterans and ADF members to Government and the wider community

Whether you are a member of the RSL or not, we’re here for you

As we embark on our second century, RSL is more determined than ever to draw on our rich history, learn from the past, and reshape our future to benefit the whole community

What We Do

Provide for the sick, helpless and wounded

Perpetuate the close and kindly ties of friendship

Maintain a proper standard of dignity and honor

Preserve the memory and records of those who have fallen

Encourage loyalty to australia

Protect the good name of the ADF

Encourage members to serve australia with spirit and loyalty

Prove welfare to the sick, helpless and wounded

Our Kindred Bodies

Kindred Bodies of the Bundaberg RSL Sub Branch share a mutual interest in supporting and promoting the ex service community in Bundaberg and providing support and friendship for ex service men and women, and encourage remembrance and preservation of Australia’s fallen and war history.

  • Ex-47th Battalion
  • TPI Assn, Bundaberg
  • Bundaberg District Women Veterans Inc.
  • Legacy Widows Group
  • Vietnam Veterans
  • Bundaberg Disabled Veterans
  • Legacy
  • Naval Assn, Coral Coast
  • National Servicemen’s
  • RSL Women’s Auxillary
  • RAAF Assn, Bundaberg
  • CMF Army Reserve
  • War Widows Guild